Google Voice

Now that Google Voice is part of our Google Apps for Education software package, teachers can have the secretary they have always wanted! I have added a few YouTube videos and blog posts below to aid you in understanding and setting up a Google Voice account.   

Why Google Voice?
  1. Free phone number of your choice (as long as the number is available). 
  2. You get a phone number that can ring the phone of your choice. You can also have it ring multiple numbers at the same time.
  3. You can listen as people leave messages or set it up to send phone calls straight to voice mail.
  4. You can decide which of your friends numbers will ring your phones and which will go to voice mail.  You can even decide which phones they will ring, or have them ring all of your phones.
  5. Google will transcribe your messages and send the transcription to you as an email or text message. 
  6. You can text message for free. 
  7. Records of phone calls and text messages are stored on your Google Voice account.  You can even record phone conversations.  Make sure to inform the person on the other end first.  This could be particularly valuable to educators.  
  8. You can give parents and students your Google Voice phone number and retain control of when you can be contacted. 
  9. At no time do you give out your personal cell phone number.  
How to get started:
  1. Review the blog posts and videos below to gain an understanding of Google Voice.
  2. Log in to your Google Account.  Go to the district website, click on tools, and click on Google Docs.  You can also click here.  
  3. Go to 
  4. Important note: Your call records and number will belong to the Hanover Public School District if you set up a Google Voice account using your account. If you are using this number for school business this is probably a good thing and will help to protect you.  Just be aware, that like your school email, communications will be stored.  You can also create a personal Google Account and set up Google Voice in the same way.  
Helpful Blog Posts:

Google Voice Provides Every Educator with a Personal Secretary - Note: An invitation is no longer needed in the setup stage.

Helpful Videos:

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