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The HPSD Ed Tech Resources Wiki was developed to help educate the staff about the resources the district has available to aid in incorporating 21st Century skills into the curriculum. Web 2.0 applications are exploding all over the internet and they offer new and exciting ways of incorporating technology into our classrooms. Web 2.0, simply defined, are web base software applications that allow for user generated content and the promotion of a collaborative experience. Both Google Docs and Moodle are Web 2.0 applications that the district has provided for the staff to use. This wiki will not only focus on Web 2.0 applications but will also provide useful information on other software and hardware applications the district has available for teachers.

Technology is changing at an exponential rate and it is difficult to keep up with all the free and useful resources that are available to educators. The main goal of this wiki is to provide a place where educators can come and learn about the available solutions technology incorporation has to offer. Hopefully providing the tools needed to enhance the learning goals our educators have for their classroom. The comments section, on the bottom of any page within the wiki, can be used to ask questions, post examples of successful lessons, and provide opinions about the topic of educational technology. One of the biggest obstacles in increasing the incorporation of technology in the classroom is providing sufficient resources and training to educators. This wiki is one small step in a goal to remove this obstacle.

Wiki Format:

The left hand side of the page is the navigation bar. At the top you will find management style links. There is no need to join this website, but you must be signed into your district Google Apps account to post material.  The comments section and discussion pages will be a very important aspect of this tool as it will help to focus what information needs to be provided to best serve the members of HSPD. It is important that this information comes from you. Many of the Web 2.0 applications not hosted by the district require a username and log in. It is a good idea to pick a specific user name and log in ID that you will use for all of these websites in the future.

On the left side of this page you will find links to the major sections of the this wiki. Clicking on any of these links will take you to the part of the site associated with each specific topic.

On the right side of the page two gadgets have also been included. Both are links to RSS feeds which bring in updates from two great areas where 21st Century skills are discussed on the internet. The first gadget links to four popular educational technology blogs. The authors of these blogs continuously post entries on very useful and innovative ways to incorporate technology. The second RSS feed shows the most current tweets to Twitter's #edtech group. Educators from around the world post useful links and other related educational information here. You will find that the content of these RSS feeds changes frequently. They have been included simply for your information, if you spot a link that looks interesting please do not hesitate to click on it and learn something new.

HPSD Tools Location and Access:

Before exploring the rest of this wiki you may want to view the following screencast. This sreencast will walk you through some of the district tools addressed within this wiki's pages and show you how to access them. This is a very basic walk through and does not go into how to use them, just where they are located. If you are already familiar with how to access the following tools you may want to skip this screencast and move deeper into the wiki: School Web Mail, Moodle, Google Docs, Web Disk, Teacher Sites, Performance Tracker, Technology Work Orders.

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General Discussion Updates

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