Technology Tuesday - 11/09/2010

posted Nov 7, 2010, 12:40 PM by Jason Suter
Technology Tuesday Update

This week:

Erin Smith will be showcasing some student products.  This will be a great time to see some of the ways our students are using Web 2.0 and other technologies to demonstrate their learning.  This session will take place in Erin Smith’s classroom.

Please take the attendance survey. 

Next week:

Nothing is set in stone for next week yet.  Considering an alternative to student presentations.  

Last week:  

Google Draw was demonstrated as a means to create graphic organizers.  From the feedback I have received this was very well received.  I have also seen a bunch of great graphic organizers that some of the attendees created following Tuesday’s session.  Visit the HPSD Edtech Resources site for tutorials on using Google Apps for Educators.  The following link will take you to a five minute screencast of what was covered in Tuesday’s session: Using Google Draw to Create a Graphic Organizer  

Ed Tech Resources Update:

You can use the following code to receive a free six month full access account at Animoto.  This is the website many of us have been using to make movies to promote events on the school website.  Please do not use your school email to make this account.  This is to prevent problems should you decide to make your own educator account later.  


Your Classroom Code is: A4edu927

Blog Posts of the Week:

Teachers: Please Stop Prohibiting the Use of Wikipedia - I have been looking for a post on this topic for a while.  If you are anti-Wikipedia please take a minute to read this blog post.  Many educators have been changing their stance on using Wikipedia over the last year or two.  

10 Proven Strategies to Break the Ban and Build Opportunities for Student Learning with Cell Phones - Recently I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with four other educators from across the country in writing this blog post.  We used Google Docs which allowed us to add content, edit content, leave comments, and communicate during the writing process.