Technology Tuesday - 11/30/2010

posted Nov 29, 2010, 1:40 PM by Jason Suter   [ updated Nov 29, 2010, 1:42 PM ]

Technology Tuesday Update

This week:

Due to the short notice, and the fact that we are just returning from break, there will not be an official Technology Tuesday session this week.  I will be in my room this during the collaboration period and more than happy to address any individual questions or problems you may be having.  

Next week:

I haven’t had a chance to speak with Gene about next week.  If nothing else pops up I would like to show you an alternative to having students give live presentations in the classroom.  Also, we would love to have more teachers share how they are incorporating technology into their classrooms.  If you have a lesson you would like to share please contact me! 

Last week:

Gene did a presentation on using RSS feeds in the classroom.  I unfortunately was not present for this session but am sure that it was very informative and useful.  

Ed Tech Resources Update:

In the near future Dave will transitioning Google Apps for Education to the new format.  We will let you know when this takes place and the new services are available.  This new format will essentially give us access to all the tools a normal Google account provides.  With this in mind I have created a new section on the Ed Tech Resources Page (ETRP) about Google Voice.  Google Voice is a great tool to use in the classroom and for connecting with students and parents.  Essentially, Google Voice can act as the secretary teachers never had, but always wanted.  You can learn more at the Google Voice section of the ETRP.  


Blog Posts of the Week:

The Effective Educator: Using Social Media to Reach Your Community - Article from Educational Leadership.  

Why I Will Not Teach to the Test - From Education Week, By Kelly Gallagher

Twitter in 60 Seconds - 60 second video on why educators should use Twitter.  I just realized that this was created by Jim Gates, who is the CFF PDE Mentor for our area. 

Twitter in 60 Seconds