Technology Tuesday - 12/07/2010

posted Dec 5, 2010, 7:35 PM by Jason Suter   [ updated Dec 5, 2010, 7:37 PM ]

Technology Tuesday Update

This week:

I will be presenting an alternative to having students give live presentations. Using some simple tools students can create a collaborative and prerecorded presentation. These can then be uploaded into Moodle and shared with the class. Also, since students can access them online they become a great way for them to review material. The is a major time saver over live presentations.   

Next week:

JJ Dugan will be presenting an online portfolio created using Google Sites.

Last week:

No session.

Ed Tech Resources Update:

Just a reminder that this page exists. If you haven’t taken the time to stop by this website and check out what is available, please consider doing so in the future.  We have posted a lot of great resources here for you and have put considerable time into this site. If you haven’t noticed this site is available from the tools menu on the district page as well.

Did you know/Tech Updates:

The library has laptops that the students can check out. Dave informed me Friday that they will be adding five more laptops to the library. Students can check these out to work on school projects. They may take them home overnight if they have the proper paperwork in place. Also, during the day these could be used in the ISS room when needed. 

If you are having issue with the laptops, writing labs, or software, the problems can not be fixed if nobody knows about them. Even though Gene and I can help with many technical questions you may have, we typically do not have the rights needed to fix hardware and software issues. Please make sure to write work orders for items that do not seem to be working properly. 

I find it very helpful to encourage my students to use Firefox when working online. Internet Explorer seems to create some problems when working with Google Docs and some other Web 2.0 applications. I have found that switching to Firefox often corrects many of the problems my students are experiencing. I’m hoping to talk with Dave and get his input on this soon.  


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