Technology Tuesday - 11/23/2010

posted Nov 21, 2010, 7:42 PM by Jason Suter   [ updated Nov 21, 2010, 7:54 PM ]

Technology Tuesday Update

This week:

Gene will be showing teachers how to incorporate RSS feeds into their instruction.  RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication.  To help explain what they are, think of RSS feeds in terms of a newspaper subscription.  The only difference is that you are subscribing to online sources of information like news headlines, blog entries, audio, and video.  Gene was telling me about some of the great ways he has been incorporating RSS feeds to enhance his curriculum.  RSS feeds are also an invaluable asset in establishing a personal learning network, both for students and teachers.  This session will take place in Gene’s room. 

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Next week:

As I type this email Dave is starting to transition our Google Apps for Education software to the latest edition.  No need to worry!  This transition basically makes it easier log in and provides us with more services like Google Voice, Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa, and a many others.  I suspect will be offering future sessions on the changes and new services available for use in the classroom.    

Last week:

I gave a short presentation on this years Classroom for the Future Bootcamp.  You can find the slide show presentation here if you were unable to attend and are interested.  

Ed Tech Resources Update:

With the upgrade to our Google Apps for Education software the Ed Tech Resources Help Desk should now be fully integrated into the site. You should be able to post questions and responses from your Google account or anonymously.  I have added a test questions to the “other” category. Please check it out to help me determine if this is working properly now.  Thanks! 


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