Week 1

posted Oct 18, 2010, 11:38 AM by Jason Suter
Through previous CFF collaboration periods we have discovered that the best way to aid teachers with the incorporation of technology into their classrooms is by providing them time to share lessons.  Having the opportunity to find out how others are using technology in their classrooms often provides the inspiration for incorporating new teaching strategies.  Also, when teachers have a clear idea of what resources they would like to use it makes training more purposeful and relevant.  That said, we hope to have many teachers sharing lessons during upcoming Technology Tuesdays.

This Tuesday we will be sharing Google Apps for Educators.  This will be a quick introductory lesson to show you how to access Google Apps and the main programs it has to offer.  Google Apps is a great way to increase collaboration with all the members of HPSD.  It also provides us with tools to open lines of communication with each other, students, and parents.  Many of our students are already knowledgeable in using Google Apps enabling you to incorporate it into your classroom without have to teach it.

Please fill out this hyper-linked form if you plan to join us so we can determine the best place for this short demo and question/answer session.  There is also a section to volunteer to share a lesson (at a later date) in which you incorporated technology.  We will send out an email with the location of the session later today.  

Do not forget to take advantage of the HPSD Edtech Resources page. Dave has recently added a large section on using Firefly.