Week 3

posted Oct 18, 2010, 11:41 AM by Jason Suter
First of all we appreciate everyone who took the time to fill out last week’s survey and give us some input on future technology sessions.  After reviewing the data, the most requested item was learning how to use Google Sites to create a class website.  This week I will be running an introductory session on creating a classroom webpage in Google Sites.  Google Sites can be used by our students to create websites as well.  Many teachers have used this capability to have students create websites for projects or student portfolios of their work.  

The topic covered next week will also be posted to the HPSD Edtech Resources page for you to reference after the session.  This session will be held in room 154 which has power outlets available at each table.  Laptops will be available or you are welcome to bring your own if you would like access during the session.  The session will begin at 7:35 to give you time to arrive and login if desired.

As always please click on the following link and take 3 seconds to fill out the survey.  We are using this as an informal way to keep a record of session attendance. 

If you missed the last session or would like to review material on using Firefly please check out this link.