Week 5

posted Oct 18, 2010, 11:42 AM by Jason Suter
Well it is time for another Technology Tuesday update.  We have some interesting stuff coming up! 

Next week:

Gene will be discussing how to collect assignments online using Moodle.  He will be demonstrating ways to post assignments to forums and how to use Moodle’s text assignments and ability to upload documents.  Moodle is a great way to collect assignments from your class.  It helps to cut down on the paper you have to carry home with you and makes it easy to run presentations from one place.  I find many students also appreciate the ability to turn assignments in from home! 

Two weeks from now:

Drew has invited Ms. Carolyn Angelo to join us for Technology Tuesday and speak about social networking.  Social networks like Twitter and Facebook offer many great opportunities for educators, but there are some potential problems.  Ms. Angelo will be discussing what we can do to protect ourselves from some of the dangers of social networking.  I have included a few links to blog posts that deal with the positive side of using social networking in education at the end of this email.  Drew's use of Twitter for the high school is another great example.  Visit the high school's Twitter page here: http://www.twitter.com/hanoverhs


We are hoping to have a few teachers demo some of the lessons they have done incorporating 21st Century skills in the near future.  During our CFF collaboration time we found this to be one of the best ways to get inspired and come up with new ideas for our own classrooms. 

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Don’t forget to stop by the HPSD Edtech Resource page to view instructional information and find the latest news in the educational technology world.  If you missed Schrute Buck video from The Office you can see it here.
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