Week 8

posted Oct 31, 2010, 6:26 PM by Jason Suter

Technology Tuesday Update

This week:

The creation and utilization of graphic organizers is a large component of Learning Focus Schools.  With this in mind, this week will be showing you a really easy way to create graphic organizers.  Often the stock organizers that come with the LFS (or other materials) are great, but don’t fit the topic perfectly.  This session will be about 5 to 10 minutes of instructional time followed by an opportunity to work with the software.  Feel free to bring ideas with you.  Laptops will be available and the session will be held in room 154.  

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Please note: Due to a scheduling conflict we had to move Erin Smith’s presentation on student products to next week. 

Next week:

Erin Smith will be showcasing some student products.  This will be a great time to see some of the ways our students are using Web 2.0 and other technologies to demonstrate their learning.  

Last week:  

Since Ms. Angelo’s session last Tuesday I have run across some interesting blog posts that I would like to share with you.  These post examine the roles educators should be playing in teaching our students about digital citizenship.  As with anything in life there is two sides to the issue.  I am providing these links as an alternative view of the issue and a way to continue discussion.  If interested, make sure to check out the comments as there is some interesting conversation taking place between educators.

Also, last week Melissa Storm, Mark Platts, Bo Koishal, Shonna Smyser, Lisa Smith, and I had the opportunity to attend the TIEnet Collaboration day.  This was a great day of technology training with an overwhelming amount of ideas and strategies presented.  It is possible that we will be able to send a few more teachers to this training in the spring.  Talk with any of the above people or visit the website at http://tienet.wikispaces.com if you think you may be interested in attending.  

One topic that came up at the collaboration day, that also relates to Ms. Angelo’s session, was the suggestion to google yourself.  The presenter stressed the importance of finding something.  Besides the obvious hope that you find something positive, it is important to check to make sure there is nothing negative.  Basically, as educators it is important for us to establish and monitor a positive digital footprint.

Ed Tech Resource Site Update:

I have added a Technology Tuesday section to the Ed Tech Resources page.  All Technology Tuesday updates will be posted here in in case you miss a session, or would like to go back and review some of the links included in the emails.

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Blog Posts of the Week:

Google Wonder Wheel - This is a blog about a search tool that was introduced to us at the TIEnet meeting.  

Google Squared - Another blog about a new search tool from Google.  Both Google Squared and Wonder Wheel were crowd favorites.  Try them out and pass them on to our students!